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The Blockchain Lottery

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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

How It Works

See our F.A.Q for more information


 For a chance to win the lottery, simply choose a random number between 1-100 (this number will be utilized in calculating the winner at the draws end), click 'Enter Draw' and accept the displayed transaction notification from your selected wallet to be entered into the draw!
Using the Ethereum platform and smart-contracts, The Blockchain Lottery guarantees your position in the draw.
 All contract transactions are displayed here.
* 1 ticket/entry per address, per draw.


 Funds accumulated over the period of each draw will be added to The Blockchain Lottery jackpot. You can enter the draw at anytime!
Each lottery draw funding period lasts 1 week. After this you can still enter when the draw period has expired, your address will be included in the draw and the winner will be revealed instantly! If the draw has expired, and there are no entries other than yourself throughout the period, the lottery will be extended and your address will still be included in the coming draw! This creates an semi-automated system for repeated draws that is based around a community driven model. Don't stress, we've got you covered!
 If you've already entered, sit back and relax, cross your fingers and check back at The Blockchain Lottery anytime after the draw end!
After the draw, if you have already entered and can't wait for a new entry to reveal the winner, you can make the call yourself to reveal & release the jackpot!


 The winner of The Blockchain Lottery will be chosen at random. Depending on the number of entries & amount donated, your chances and possible lottery winnings will vary.
If you're the lucky winner, you will receive your prize funds automatically to your wallet!
Check here to see the previous lottery winner!

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See the lotterys realtime draw statisics below!
 Lottery Contract Address


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Time Left
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End Time
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Contract Address


See on Etherscan

Sending the exact ticket price (0.01ETH) directly to the contract address, will still enter you into the draw. Although, this method of entry is not recommended.
Exchange wallet transfers are not supported, and may result in loss of funds even if you win!

Compatible Wallets

The Blockchain Lottery smart-contract requires the use of an Ethereum enabled DApp browser. Chrome/Firefox etc, can be used partnered with extensions such as Metamask. Mobiles tend to have standalone applications for this functionality.
See below for our recommended compatible wallets/browsers;

We Recommend MetaMask!

 You appear to be on a desktop device!
If you'd prefer to use mobile, install a compatible browser first.

Metamask is wallet that runs as an extension in your Chrome, Firefox or Opera Browser. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

MetaMask recommendation image

We Recommend Any Of These DApp Browsers!

 You appear to be on a mobile device!
If you'd prefer to use desktop, install MetaMask first.

The following apps are iOS & Android based Ethereum wallets and DApp browsers. They allow you to run Ethereum DApps directly in their in-built browser. Take your pick!

Buy Ticket

Choose a random number, click 'Enter Draw' and accept the transfer notification to complete entry into The Blockchain Lottery!

A place in the draw costs 0.01 ETH
You will only be able to enter once per draw.

Your Public  ETH Address
0.01 ETH + Gas (Network Fee) will be deducted upon entry.
If you win, funds will automatically be sent to this address.

Pick A Number

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Choose a random number and click 'Enter Draw' above.
A TX notification will be displayed, accept the transaction and you'll be entered into the draw automatically.
Always check the contract address and URL!

TX Confirmation

You'll be displayed a link to your view your transaction along with the smart-contract. This TX hash is your proof of entry.
Check it openly on the blockchain!
Recommended Block Explorer -


See the open-source smart-contract code here on GitHub!
You'll need a compatible wallet to participate.
Once entered into the smart-contract, if you win, you'll receive your prize funds automatically on the last entry after the end of the draw!


Feel free to contact The Blockchain Lottery!

Worldwide Participation,
Developed in the UK


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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet
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Refer to the F.A.Q section for more information and answers to some common queries.